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A documentary on Maternal Mortality

The sun sets too often on women of childbearing age who face an inescapable reality - to live or die. For women living in Sub-Saharan Africa, Maternal Mortality is pervasive for many reasons. We attempt to

remove the veil on Nigeria's dichotomic healthcare system. 






In a country rich with resources and talent, why do women die at an alarming rate? Sunset is set unveil the gender, socio-economic inequities that affect women in underserved communities in Nigeria.

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Sunset in production: Videos

Sunset in production: Videos

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Expectant women in Nigeria face an inescapable reality - to live or die. Should it take life to create life?

Sunset will unveil the dichotomy of the Nigerian healthcare system.

The stories of maternal mortality are told through memories of relatives, who share how their lives are forever changed after the loss of their mother during childbirth, and the voices of women facing the journey today. While the budding middle class may trust the hospital system, the poor and rural women often seek traditional birth attendants. Regardless, all women are at risk for some of the worst outcomes in the world. We take a look at a complicated two-tiered healthcare system that leaves all mothers vulnerable to maternal mortality.


This verité film will follow several women as they try to access maternal care over the birth cycle. Through observation and interviews along with, photos, and other media archives, we will explore expectant mothers’ access and challenges to healthcare in Nigeria. We will hear from surviving family members of the victims, expectant mothers, fathers, and families living in rural areas and urban townships. We will follow healthcare providers over several months, including physicians, nurses, midwives; and traditional birth attendants.  We will film in intimate and personal settings such as within our subjects homes, places of business, healthcare appointments, hospitals, and schools.


This film is an artistic juxtaposition of African beauty and art featuring elements found in nature as the essence of motherhood in Africa. We explore how the elements such as movement, music, food, faith and more, reflect the mother's journey. Modern archival footage, such as news broadcast, and  popular media will be used to demonstrate the real life impact of such data like the  World Health Organization maternal mortality statistics within Nigeria. Sunset will explore the journey of motherhood from conception to delivery, for women in Nigeria, as they fight to bring new life into the world.